This article will help you to create and use custom validators when working with NgRx Forms. There is little documentation and very few examples regarding NgRx forms so I hope this helps to make things clearer

prerequisites to better understand this article

  • NgRx and NgRx forms basic knowledge is required, refer below link for the same.
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The Example App

This guide will help you create a simple angular application that is able to include modules from other angular application aka microfrontends and use them our sample angular application

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Brief intro on microfrontends and why they are popular?

Microfrontends enable the developers to club together multiple small applications into a single application as opposed to the earlier monolith design…

This article will help you use the official Highcharts wrapper for Angular, to create interactive charts for your web projects.

Sample chart that our code will generate

Performing the Setup

1. Install the below dependencies -

  • highcharts
  • highcharts-angular
npm install --save highcharts highcharts-angular

2. Import the dependency in your module

import { HighchartsChartModule } from 'highcharts-angular';@NgModule({declarations: [AppComponent,ChartWrapperComponent],imports: [BrowserModule,HighchartsChartModule],providers: [],bootstrap: [AppComponent]})

3. Create a wrapper component


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