This guide will help you create a simple angular application that is able to include modules from other angular application aka microfrontends and use them our sample angular application

Brief intro on microfrontends and why they are popular?

Microfrontends enable the developers to club together multiple small applications into a single application as opposed to the earlier monolith design…

This article will help you use the official Highcharts wrapper for Angular, to create interactive charts for your web projects.

Performing the Setup

1. Install the below dependencies -

  • highcharts
  • highcharts-angular
npm install --save highcharts highcharts-angular

2. Import the dependency in your module

import { HighchartsChartModule } from 'highcharts-angular';@NgModule({declarations: [AppComponent,ChartWrapperComponent],imports: [BrowserModule,HighchartsChartModule],providers: [],bootstrap: [AppComponent]})

3. Create a wrapper component


The objective here is to create a function using which we can limit any function to execute only once and on subsequent calls, return the result of the first call. We do have existing implementations for this in libraries etc. but it is really easy to create our own version…

In this post we will learn how to create our own implementation of bind(). this helps to consume this functionality in browsers where bind() is not inherently supported.

What are Polyfills?

Polyfills is a way to use modern features (usually JS) on browsers where it is currently unsupported. …

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